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Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
of china and the ali baba situation, a very rare situation. i think they are on the right path. google, at 6.98, not too long ago. 6.98, a substantial move. too much too fast. >> i think google is throwing a bone to one of its former employees, employee number 20. that's great it's a feel-good story but at the end of the day they are the 800-pound gorilla. what am i supposed to do, ask jeeves now? >> i think you've got to buy google on a pullback, but yahoo! rk they will get back to that price nearly ten years ago. frustrating owning this stock, but i think yahoo! has the upside momentum here, not google. simple as that. >> what's the catalyst for yahoo! though? >> i don't think there is a catalyst. >> yeah. >> it's continued revenue. continued revenue streams, maria. they will continue to explore and like i said artificial intelligence. don't bet against marisa. >> a sharp cat. >> a compliment. >> dow holding steady, down 50 points. was down 134. definitely has come back. we'll see if we can make more progress as we head towards the close. >> take a look at europe. is the next problem
Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
, automobile, consumer credit, the ism numbers that came out today, 53, well into expansion territory. china's numbers are looking better so you've got to listen to the markets. the markets predict the economy. the economy does not predict the markets, a little ahead of itself as michael said. michael in hebrew says liken to god and you are liken to god with your predictions. however, the markets basically are saying 54% bulls and only 24% bears. maria, you could see a pullback, but i would say right now buy on any pullback. >> it does seem like this mentality of buy on the dip, exactly what david says is going to basically at the end of the day carry through. you don't think so? >> look at junk debt the last three, four trading days. they have blown out. emerging market sovereign debt, emb, fallen off a cliff. a real hiccup is starting in the credit markets. that could filter through with a lag to the stock market, just as nobody -- just as everyone is getting hyper bullish. what i'm suggesting sin personally in the market there's not enough confirmation, and this could be the start of a tu
Feb 8, 2013 3:00pm EST
-year treasury yield not rising above 2% in a definitive way? why are emerging markets like china weakening and germany, spain, falling, and why is junk debt showing real cracks here? there is this intermarket deterioration which i've been stressing in many of my writings which suggests that the conditions, just like a storm today, do not favor risk assets in the here and now and that we could see the beginning stages of another deflation pulse in risk assets. >> but about the answer to all of that, isn't the answer to all of that the federal reserve. why would rates move higher substantially when we already know the federal reserve will keep rates in check at rock bottom levels until 2013. >> the fed is keeping interest rates on the treasury side low which junk debt which the fed is not controlling is showing signs of hesitation. looks like there's a credit spread widening starting. whether that metastasizes into something more serious we'll find out, but the point is the conditions are not favorable right now for risk assets. >> david, do you want to put money in these markets? >> just ra
Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm EST
. >> a market is down 56 on the industrial average. >> war with china. some say a cyber war is already being waged and we're losing. congressman mike rogers heads up the house intelligence committee and explains what needs to be done to protect our national security and our economy coming up. >> technology bellwether and dow component cisco set to report earnings after the ball. ceo john chambers joins us exclusively to break down the numbers and tells us what the numbers say about the business and the state of the economy right now. back in a moment. ted the luxuryr and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. . >>> the house intelligence committee is holding a key hearing on what some in washington with calling a cyber security war that our nation is involved in and the chairman of that committee says we're losing. eamon javers is in washington with details. >> hi, bill, the obama administration rolled out new details of what it's calling a framework for cyber security cooperation here based on some of what the president talke
Feb 22, 2013 3:00pm EST
in with bad pmi minutes. china and we had the pmi numbers in the states. they have not come in good. now the last three, quester risk, you and maria have been talking about. gasoline prices are up 50 penalty, 47 cents in the last month, and finally the -- the gasoline prices. >> i knew you were going to forget number seven. it's in there somewhere, david. >> the sequester, gasoline prices and payroll taxes going up. >> the tax thing. >> you threw me off. >> you're talking about the challenges, so you think the market gets through all of this. >> market has acquitted itself well. it will be eight weeks in a row and that was a negative the market had run too far too fast, and if this market turns like this, that's a good sign. >> aren't we due for a correction at some point? >> i think at some point you're due for a correction. i always worry when markets go up in a straight line, either downside or the upside, not too good. some of this is probably healthy but for long-term investors equity is still the unit. >> a's earning, they will raise the dividend, the china mobile contract possibil
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
by far. in china things that used to be the market over there that was 30 times earned, they're now ten. we're the same way. ibm, google, go on. the list is incredible. >> what about apple? that's a private joke. let me go to rick santelli. while i was gone last week you hit 2% on that ten year. is that the ceiling or could we go higher from here, do you think? >> the conventional wisdom is that treasuries are toast and they're going to be selling off pushing yields higher. the fact of the matter is fives, tens, thirties net change on the year is 12 basis points for fives. 23 basis points for 30s. and since we're still close to historic low yields, the moves are large. if you take them out of that contest text it's not that big. i will consider this. if you look at the japanese stock market, it's up about 8%. but their currency's lost 6% against the greenback. if you didn't neutralize your exchange, you're only up a few percent. it pops out in other places. >> you got to hedge the yen out of the expert story in japan for sure. dani, same question for you. how do you want to allocate cap
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
growth helped by strength in the u.s. and china. the ceo saying the affluent customer is spending freely. the stock today posting an all-time high, up about 6%. also posting all-time high today, consumer stocks like procter & gamble, kimberly clark and johnson & johnson. we'll end here with kelloggs. reporting better than expected earnings and raising its full-year forecast. the stock right now, up only about 1% but also an all-time high going back to 1968. maria, back to you. >> all right, josh, thanks so much. >> we've got the financials, the consumer stocks and energy stocks, pharma, food, a healthy rally but can it last going into the final hour in the dow right at 14,000, up 123 points. >> well, last month retail investors put a record 39.3 billion into mutual funds and etfs. here's the bad news. the previous record inflows came at the height of the technology bubble. what does that mean in terms of heading for the exits? is it different this time? we're going to check out the retail behavior. >> also. washington already has enough trouble getting things down these days. now the s.e
Feb 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
in terms of either some hiccup in asia, particularly in china, a slight slowing of growth to get the market to correct a bit. however, i still think consensus expectations for the rest of the year are unusually low, and i think they will be exceeded as we go forward. >> jim bianco you think this is all about the fed right now, don't you? >> the fed has their foot on the gas. the numbers that we've seen so far this year, the numbers have been so-so. the economy has been so-so. if it stays like that, that's actually good. the fed can keep their foot on the gas. if the economy approves we start talking about the fed stopping. three 10% corrections since 2009. what do they have all in common? either we talk about the fed stopping or the fed stopped, and i think once the fed stops we'll have another 10% correction, so as long as things stay so-so they can keep the foot on the gas as long as europe doesn't look completely apart. >> what are you watching, jim benco, you've been so prescient on these markets so far. what do you watch to make you feel like, okay, we could be seeing a reversal in sen
Feb 15, 2013 3:00pm EST
from china in particular over the last five to ten years, and then the other side is investment demand, and that has come up dramatically over the last ten years, and it tends to be much more quick in moving in and out of the story. >> you know, we have this currency war that nobody likes to talk about, especially federal bankers around the world, but yet there is this rush to the bottton. now you would think that that would be bullish for gold, but it's happening precisely at the time when the price of gold has been moving lower. again, i ask. is gold necessarily an inflation hedge these days, or is it always about consumer demand? >> i think it is an inflation hedge and absolutely. the currency war is very interesting because it depends on which currency winning at the time, frankly. >> right. gold is priced in u.s. dollars, so right now the u.s. dollar is seeing strength against the yen and the euro so we're having a positive -- sorry, a positive impact on the dollar and negative on gold. that has turned and can turn around very quickly, but, again, it's your long-term viewer, wheth
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm EST
so you'll watch that. you want to watch the situation in china because they have been withdrawing banking reserves as we've seen. >> this has been your theme for a while, the deterioration of growth and earnings in this country. >> yes. >> it goes along with our regular u.s. equity strategist adam parker, and he's basically looking for earnings to be lower this year than last year so coming in about $98, down 1.5% to 2%. the reason is financials, he's much less sanguine and optimistic and also the consumer. financial, consumer staples and consumer -- consumer discretionary are the ones that basically are underweight. we're overweight industrials, maria, and overweight health care. we still like those. >> look at the market. we are losing this fast. we are off about 16 points on the dow jones industrial average, well off the highs. matt, you're there on the floor. we understand there are some sell imbalances because of the rebalance going on. what can you tell us in terms of what's going on right now and what you're expecting in the close? >> i'm not surprised we're flat on the day
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10